Last week Bonaire Properties released their Initial Memorandum (Startnotitie). for a zone change of Plantation Bolivia.

This week the Dutch Parliament adopted a Motion (Motie) to put the brake on the plans for Plantation Bolivia.

What is an Initial Memorandum?

The Initial Memorandum is the first step towards an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA: an essential nature investigation for a zone change). The purpose of an Initial Memorandum is to list the backgrounds, principles, and research methods of the project and to describe which matters must be investigated in the EIA. In addition, the Initial Memorandum defines a number of alternatives. Finally, it indicates the (environmental) effects on which the alternatives will be being investigated. In short, the Initial Memorandum describes the boundaries for the EIA.

The initial memorandum and the EIA are drawn up by the developer, so it is very important to read the Initial Memorandum carefully and submit your opinion.

Up till 25thof November 2022 every person can send an opinion about the Initial Memorandum to the Executive Council of Bonaire (BC). Your opinion should describe the extra subjects which have to be addressed in the EIA and to which detail these (extra) subjects should be investigated.

This will improve the Environmental Impact Assessment and help to preserve the beautiful nature of Plantation Bolivia.