Employees of Rho consultancy (Rho) from Rotterdam have recently been commissioned by the OLB to work on a new version of the Zone Plan Bonaire. The previous version dates from 2010. So, it is time to develop a new version.

Recently we were able to view the concept of the new zone plan (see figure 1 for an overview map). For the whole of Bonaire, this map (March 22, 2022) shows in great detail which area has and/or will receive which destination and provides insight down to the level of each individual plot. So, your garden is also visible on it.

However, there is one notable exception: the entire Bolivia plantation is white. Almost three thousand hectares are WHITE. You might still think that Rho has made a mistake, but that is not the case. Rho has been instructed by the Executive Council to leave the planning for Bolivia to the Breemharen and their advisers from the offices of Stedelijke Planning (urban planning) from Amsterdam and Metafoor from Almere.

Even conservation organizations such as Stinapa, Echo, Wildconscience, BonBèrdè and DCNA were not allowed to interfere in the planning for Bolivia. In sessions in preparation for the new plan, they were unable to give their opinion about plantation Bolivia. So, they cannot get in the way of Breemhaar, the Executive Council thought.

At the beginning of April, we saw what leaving the Bolivia plantation WHITE in the plan map means in the ‘Woningbouwonderzoek Bonaire plantage Bolivia’, which the Stedelijke Planning bureau wrote on behalf of Breemhaar. The map in that document (see figure 2) may soon be inserted one-on-one in the new Zone Plan Bonair. 


This gives Breemhaar a say in what will happen to the Bolivia plantation in the coming years, 10% of Bonaire’s territory. Unless the Island Council puts a stop to that. Let’s hope that the members of the Island Council take the principles of ‘Bonaire Blue Destination’ (sustainabledevelopment while preserving nature and culture) seriously and have already put that ‘stop’ in place.

If you don’t include Bolivia’s undevelopable 900 hectare coastal area, about 1900 hectares do remain for development. Breemhaar wants to develop more than half of this and have 1,900 homes built so that a residential core is created that is three times larger than Sabadeco. That has nothing to do with nature conservation, but everything to do with nature destruction. This is clearly visible on the map. The largest dry tropical forest of the Antillean islands is being sacrificed to the greed of a member of the Quote 500 elite. A noisy boaster who is only interested in himself and money and who said two years ago that he wanted to gain 100 million from the development of Bolivia. And that against the background of figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics in the same draft plan, which clearly shows that all future 28,000 residents of Bonaire uptill 2050 can live in a house without even a single house being built in Bolivia! Breemhaar is after money, a lot of money at the expense of Bonaire’s nature and its inhabitants.


Voorontwerp ROB2022